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Third Bridge Media

Connecting Performing Artists to a Worldwide Audience

Third Bridge Media is a digital media, PR, and artist development company offering bespoke services
to a diverse and select group of performing artists. 

Working with an exclusive roster of internationally renowned artists and emerging stars, Third Bridge Media's unique approach centers around offering our clients a tailored suite of services
specifically designed to meet their individual needs. 





digital & PR services

Third Bridge Media supports and advances our clients' careers by creating and sustaining impactful digital presences and meaningful public relations. From web design and maintenance to social media and PR campaigns, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed with the individual artist in mind.

Website Design


Utilizing the most recent trends in website design, Third Bridge Media creates websites for artists across multiple disciplines. Our original website designs give every client a unique look in the digital space, helping to promote and define each artist's brand 

Public Relations


With an extensive network of public relations contacts, Third Bridge Media tailors PR campaigns to the scope and nature of each event. From classical music and cabarets to straight plays and beyond, we engage with newspapers, magazines, radio, and television to promote our clients' performances

Social Media


Third Bridge Media offers social media account creation and maintenance across a wide range of platforms. Our social media campaigns are instrumental in building each artist's individual network, allowing them to reach new audiences
around the world

artist Development


artist development Suite

At Third Bridge Media we believe in providing the stars of tomorrow with the resources necessary to develop their emerging careers. Through our unique and innovative artist development suite, services that were until now only available to high-profile artists are being offered to an elite group of emerging singers, conductors, stage directors, and instrumentalists, giving artists the tools they need to launch successful professional careers