Website Design

Third Bridge Media creates distinctive, mobile-responsive websites that are unique to each artist. Features include:

  • Personalized consultations to discuss creative concepts and aesthetic choices
  • A fully designed and launched website
  • Continued maintenance including calendar updates, critical acclaim, and press releases

Public Relations


Press campaigns are tailored to each artist's individual needs and goals. PR campaigns include:

  • Liaising with presenting organizations to capitalize on press opportunities
  • Corresponding with press contacts for interview opportunities in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television
  • Prepared press releases for important career announcements
  • Dissemination of updated press materials to casting directors

Social Media


Our social media campaigns help artists reach new audiences around the world. Social media management includes:

  • Creation of artist pages on multiple social media platforms
  • Scheduled posts to coincide with performances throughout the season
  • Additional posts to highlight new and ongoing critical acclaim
  • Social media campaigns surrounding high-level performances to boost followers and reach new and international audiences

Artist Development Suite


Third Bridge Media's unique and innovative artist development suite provides an elite group of emerging artists with the tools they need to launch successful professional careers. Services include:

  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Press campaigns for a select number of key performances
  • Social media creation and maintenance
  • Contract negotiation for offers received from presenting organizations
  • Visa, travel, and housing advice
  • Assistance in auditioning for and securing full-time management